Monday, March 14, 2016

6 month mark with little B

All day yesterday I kept thinking how can it be 6 months…1/2 a year since I held this sweet girl for the first time… She really has just come out of her shell (not that you can tell by this picture).. HAHA!!! Thank to our sweet friends The Burgess Family we met on our trip that sent this shirt to Brooklyn for Chinese New Year..

A few milestones in the last month which makes me feel like she is already growing up so fast.. (sniff..sniff)

*no more crib.. She officially sleeps in her big girl bed with no rails. She is in the exact same position she went to sleep in when I get her in the morning

*no more bottle.. She was on a bottle at the orphanage and I was super hesitant to take this away too soon because it was most definitely a soothing thing for her. We switched to milk in a cup and she did great! We don't even warm it up anymore.. HAHA

*no more DIAPERS… She is "mostly" potty trained as of last week with a couple of accidents and pull ups at night. Can I get a hallelujah!! She took to it so easy and is eager to please

We have our 6 month post adoption meeting next week and paperwork due with our agency. It seems like its certainly a milestone in our family.. One that came with some challenges but overall I can't be more thankful for how well she has adjusted.

We finally got our family pictures printed and hung in the house yesterday.. Brooklyn squealed with delight to see her face on the walls. I need to be better about printing pictures out and hanging them. The last one I had hung in our frame in the living room was before Colton was born.. oops.. 

Here are a few more pictures of her enjoying a popsicle for the first time..and being goofy. Adoption is AMAZING!

I will do another blog soon about my oldest preparing for graduation and college bound soon… (Hold me)!!!

Lots of love,

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